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Document Scanners

We provide a range of document and book scanners for all business applications and volumes.


Our software offerings are designed to enable your organization to capture, manage, store and effectively use business information in the most effective way.


Our consulting services move well beyond scanning applications. We assist organizations to implement document management solutions.

Document Control

Allscan Trading’s Document Control and Management Team can make the difference.

Maintenance Contracts

Our services division provides all services necessary to support a scanning environment. We offer service level agreements to maintain your scanners.


We offer comprehensive range of rental scanners to help you deal with sudden spikes in scanning volumes, batch scanning or whatever else your needs may be.

Our Devisions

Specialized Storage

Allscan provides specialized storage services to our corporate clients.  Our services focus on project office clients who are required to store documents as part of the project governance.  In addition to traditional document storage, we cater for large scale drawings which need special handling conditions, and storage in tubes or other specialized containers.

In project office environments, we provide software storage facilities to ensure that any software which is critical to the project is kept in addition to the physical documents.  At the end of the project the physical records and software can be kept for the period required according to project governance rules.


Allscan's hardware division provides a range of products focusing on the management of documents. These include document, book and microfilm scanners. The range caters for all scanning applications, from individual document scanning requirements in remote environments using portable scanners, through to high-volume production scanners for the most demanding of applications. Documents from as small as business cards, through to A0 technical drawings and maps can be scanned.


Our software division provides software designed to improve business performance. This falls under two broad categories:

Document scanning software

Software is an integral part of the scanning solution and is essential for ensuring quality of the scanned images, and getting the most out of the scanning hardware.  High volume and production scanning environments are dependent upon the software to provide quality control and workflow servicees to the scanning operation.   Our software is designed to work with the scanners, and is capable of supporting high-volume production scanning environments of millions of images a month.

Business Intelligence

Allscan is a proud supplier of Intuitive software, and industry leading suite of Business Intelligence dashboard products.  Designed for providing insight into mission-critical applications, Intuitive provides businesses with access to up-to-date information about business processes.   In addition, the software provides an intuitive method of drilling down to deeper and deeper levels of business information, and provides access to the documents needed to make business decisions.

Maintenance and Services

Our services division provides all services necessary to support a scanning environment, whether this is a production scanning bureau or a networked department.

Scanner Warranty claims

Scanner Servicing and repairs

Scanner Maintenance contracts

Preventative maintenance

Scanner refurbishing

Scanner parts and spares

Scanner rentals

Scanner consumables


Our consulting services division adds value in far more than scanning applications.   We assist organisations to implement document management solutions, in addition to providing business intelligence and project office consulting services.

Document management consulting

If you are looking to see how you can improve your environmental footprint by printing less paper, let our consultants assist.  If you need to implement a mission critical scanning application and need guidance, one of our team can lead the way.   Our consultants are involved in international document management standards development, so can assist in making sure that you manage your documents to the latest world-wide best practices.

Project office consulting

Our experience in project office management has led to the creation of a team who can potentially save you millions on your project costs.   Tight management of project deliverables and costs, world-class reporting systems and a proven methodology are all brought to bear to make sure that you are immediately notified of potential project risks, and measures are implemented immediately to bring the project back on track. Not only can we provide advice on the project office, but can also assist with a fully managed project office team if necessary.

Specialized Storage
Maintenance and Services

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Document Scanners

We have a portfolio of document scanners from the industry leading manufacturers.

Our Partners

What our customers say

This serves to confirm that Allscan Trading Was responsible for the following activities on the VUP (Venetia Underground Project) Development of a file plan (Physical Documents) Development for a project document numbering (Electronic or Physical) Implementation of a document management system (Eb-Docs) Developing and implementing of the following procedures: Document Control Procedure (including process flows and resource allocation), Document Numbering procedure, Retention policy (Based on national archive act), Squad check procedure, migration process procedure. Allscan Trading provided the skills and resources to assist with the setup of this project and involved on this project for 3 years, until the systems and structures were established and the De Beers team could take full responsibility for the project going forward.

Loraine Theunissen

Principal Project Manager De Beers
Allscan Trading was responsible for the following activities on the Landbank project: Development of a file plan (Physical Documents), Development for project document numbering (electronic and Physical), Sorting of documents based on retention periods, Arrange full audit trails of documents (Destroyed/Re-allocated/Store Rooms), Implementation of a document management system, Developing and implementation of the following procedures: Document Control procedure including process flows and resource allocation, Document numbering procedure, retention policy based on the national archive act, squad check procedure and migration process procedure. Allscan Trading provided the skills and resources to assist with the setup of this project and was involved on this project for over 1 year, Allscan visited all of the branches that were earmarked for closure to ensure that their records were intact and accessible.

B.C. Seshabela

Land Bank


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