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Document Control

Is your Document Control Department running efficiently?

  • Do you have properly trained staff that understand your business?
  • Is there a central repository for all your documents that are being managed and updated constantly?
  • Is there access control to the electronic and the physical document?
  • Is there a quick and easy way to update and approve new revisions of your documents/ drawings?
  • Can you access an audit trail to proof where and when documents were delivered?
  • Does your processes comply with ISO Standards?

Allscan Trading’s Document Control and Management Team can make the difference.

We design processes to ensure that your documents reach the relevant parties quick and in the desired format, while maintaining a complete audit trail.

Allscan’s representative on the TC171 Committee will ensure that the process that we design complies with ISO Standards. After a process has been designed and agreed upon, it is constantly updated to ensure the we incorporate “lessons learned” in the new process. 

Allscan Trading is completely product agnostic and can work with any existing software package.

Due to our experience we can evaluate different Document Management systems and give an unbiased opinion on the best solution for your business.

Allscan Trading is a hardware distributor and can offer scanners on a rental basis or at very attractive prices.

Our resources have been trained to manage commercial and technical documents through the value chain. 

They receive in-house training with regards to office etiquette and effective communication.  Allscan’s Values is also a constant reminder of what we expect from our staff.

Our staff can be deployed as and when needed on Limited duration contracts, with no risk to your company.

Allscan Trading can assist with the development of a unique numbering system for your documents/drawings, while considering the following areas:

  • Division
  • Business/Business Unit
  • Main Process/Plant
  • WBS Area
  • Equipment Number
  • Discipline
  • Document Type
  • Sequence number/Sheet Number
  • Revision Number/Draft
  • Cost Type
  • Contract/Vendor/Inquiry Number
  • Life Cycle Phase
  • Milestones

Within our staff complement we have over 100 years of experience in the Document Management, Control and storage environment.
We have experience on Mega projects that has put is in the best position to offer “lessons learned”, without having to make those mistakes yourself.

We are not trying to sell you any products and we can give you an unbiased opinion on the best solutions for your business.

All our resources arrive on site with the necessary equipment (laptops/scanners) that can be used for the duration of your project which makes it easy to up and downscale as required. You do not have to invest in expensive equipment.

We do not diversify from our core business and all our focus is on the effective control of your documents/drawings.

We have unique references that can testify to the fact that we know our subject matter exceptionally well and that we deliver on promises.

“On many projects, document control is often an afterthought, which could be detrimental to the successful delivery of a project.  The importance of proper document control procedures and principals on any  project cannot be stressed enough. Inadequate document management can expose a project to unsuccessful claims mitigation. Allscan Trading was originally contracted to review the processes that were in place on the GMEP project and due to their skill and ability to deliver a comprehensive service, it was decided to outsource the document control department to them completely.  Their service to the project has been invaluable and thanks to the processes and procedures that they have put in place, the project is well supported for successful execution.  I have no hesitation to use them again in future on any project.”
Gerard van der Merwe – PCO Manager (GMEP Project)