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Business Intelligence

What are intuitive Dashboards

Intuitive Dashboards is the next generation of Business Intelligence (BI) software, which enables faster and more accurate decision-making.

 Faster, more accurate decision-making with Intuitive Dashboards.

 Unlike traditional BI dashboards, it is intuitive, extremely easy-to-use and highly configurable. In fact, Intuitive Dashboards can be implemented in hours rather than months, swiftly delivering dramatic business benefits.


Enhance your organisational performance today.

The need for a fast, efficient solution for accessing management data has never been more critical.

With most organizations storing critical information in a range of data systems such as finance, CRM, sales, marketing, operations and manufacturing, achieving a single viewpoint of performance remains a challenge for decision-makers and senior managers.

Find out how business intelligence dashboards can be used throughout an organisation to provide a single, consolidated view of organisational performance from a wide range of existing, disparate data sources.

Intuitive Dashboards Rapid Project Delivery

Our innovative solution empowers you to create your own highly interactive and graphical dashboard view of key business data, based upon the metrics and KPIs that matter most to you.

This page outlines the preferred approach to installing Intuitive Dashboards in partnership with a client organisation. It is intended for both business and technical staff evaluating the platform or planning an implementation. Intuitive Business Intelligence’s deployment methodology is called 'Rapid'.


The business intelligence (BI) industry has suffered criticism that software products are difficult to deploy and inflexible for end-users. Industry statistics suggest that around 50% of BI software licenses are never used because of significant issues with deployment and adoption.

Intuitive developed the Rapid implementation methodology to ensure that users quickly gained full value from their investment in our dashboard software. Rapid draws from Agile practices by favouring early product exposure, over analysis and close collaboration between users and technical staff.

A basic implementation of Intuitive Dashboards using a single source system can be achieved in two days. If multiple source systems are to be addressed, the implementation could take four days or longer. As with all BI projects, a significant proportion of time is spent transforming source- system information to be suitable for analysis purposes.

Training and Support

  • Prepare - Tasks completed prior to start of Intuitive project
  • Install - Dashboard server installed and configured
  • extract - Data from first source-system extracted and manipulated
  • Visualise - Dashboards built from extracted data
  • Exten - Data extracted from further source(s) & visualised.

Rapid Methodology


•     Intuitive work with the client to agree and document the scope of the dashboard deployment.
•     Candidate source systems are assessed and prioritised.
•     Client technical environment is evaluated and used to define dashboard platform configuration.
•     Client staff members are identified to work on deployment.
•     Client builds a server or virtual machine to host the dashboard software.
•     This stage is typically completed during a half day visit to the client offices.


•     Dashboard installed on the client’s server or virtual machine.
•     Connectivity to source systems established.
•     Connectivity to Active Directory / LDAP, SharePoint, Intranet or Internet established.
•     First security model built inside Intuitive Dashboards.
•     This stage is typically completed in half a day; it could take longer if Active Directory / LDAP are in


•     Queries constructed on source system database.
•     Data transformations agreed, built in SQL and tested.
•     Data loaded to Intuitive Dashboards and configured.
•     This stage is typically completed in half a day if the source is a datamart/warehouse, but may take
       longer if the source is a transactional system (eg a website database or finance package).


•     Components and dashboards built and reviewed by business stakeholders.
•     Dashboards tailored to groups of users.
•     This stage is typically completed in half a day.

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